SG2 COVER 2When there are more than 600 books about shyness for sale on Amazon, you might wonder why I wrote another one. How could there be anything left to say?

Well, because shyness is almost never understood the way I understand it.

My central idea is that shyness is natural in most shy people. It’s part of who you are, so it shouldn’t be suppressed.

When you insist on being your true self – when you accept your shyness – you become stronger, not weaker. You become more confident, not less.

My way of being shy works, and that’s why I wrote The Shyness Guide.

This week you can get the ebook at half price [$1.99 vs $3.99] at  On January 13 it will be at half price on the UK site. So far the others remain at the normal price, but I hope to address that shortly.

Here are some Amazon links:

Or go to the Shyness Guide page and you will find a free abridged edition [about 1/3 of the book].

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