The Dairy Farm |A Galactic bailout for Earth?

This little story was written in 1993, but given the financial fiasco that civilization got itself into in 2008, and hasn't really got out of, with the giant problems of global warming, habitat destruction, over-population, and the need for some kind of global government still staring us in the face as we continue to quarrel … Continue reading The Dairy Farm |A Galactic bailout for Earth?

Rescuing Jude

Have you read Thomas Hardy's 1895 novel, Jude the Obscure? If you haven't, it's the story of Jude Fawley, a shy, intelligent, sensitive boy, then man, who is too shy, intelligent and sensitive to fit into a callous, indifferent and hypocritical world. Jude is working class, but he longs to become a Greek and Latin scholar … Continue reading Rescuing Jude