What will the future hold for shy people? Not necessarily what you think.skol-wpage-image-2

On a lone backpacking trip in the 1980s, as I travelled through wild forests and lakes, I conceived the story of shy seventeen-year-old Simon, a boy in the 23rd century who has never seen a forest or a lake because he has lived his entire life on a space freighter.

Simon is a member of the Skolen, the only people capable of long-distance space travel, due to their solitary nature.

Why the first planet he is ever allowed to land on is wilderness Earth, its cities now in decay, I won’t go into here. But what happens to him in six months there you will not easily forget.

Shyness in the 23rd century is more unwelcome than ever, but it can also be more rewarding.

Simon’s story took me twenty years to complete, but it was worth it. You can read the first 6 chapters free:

Skol-6 Free Chapts – web copy

Here are some Amazon links to the book, which you can buy as a paperback or Kindle ebook.