bc-shenadoah-cover-287-px-1000-hgt-copyThe Birdcatcher is not just just an insider’s view of the complex, sometimes ruthless, sometimes funny, often sad, always bewildering personal injury business in much of North America.

This is the book in which I introduced the idea that most loners are autistic (have Aspergers if you like), that pure autism is natural and more common than we think, and that people like that belong in the world as much as anyone else.

Central character Chris Stone is a shy life-long loner who has learned to cope with the social world without abandoning his true self. He lives without anxiety or fear in society, yet retains his natural distrust of it.

If you want to see someone like that in action, Stone is the best example you’re likely to find in a modern novel.

Recently I produced a new version of The Birdcatcher, stream-lined for a smoother read, but not an abridgement. This has allowed me to reduce the price of the paperback by half.

But – for some reason, as of April, 2018, and maybe earlier, the book is not listed on any of the Amazon sites. Until I get this problem resolved, here is a free PDF of the book for anyone who wants to read it now:

BC-CS7 – May 2 2018


For the time being, please ignore these Amazon links,




Don’t buy the paperback with the green cover, unless it is used. That is the earlier edition of the book which sold for approximately $20.