bc-shenadoah-cover-287-px-1000-hgt-copyThis is the book I wrote as a declaration of independence for shy people.

Central character Chris Stone, fifty years old, is a shy loner who has learned to function in with the social world without abandoning his true self. He lives in society without anxiety, yet retains his natural distrust of it.

He works in the strange world of personal injury claims, where black humor, deceit and tragedy mix every day. But his own generation is fading out and a younger one is taking over

If you want to see someone like that in action, Stone is the best example you’re likely to find in a modern novel.

You can read four free chapters here:

BC 2016 – 4 chapters – mobile

BC 2016 – 4 chapters PDF    (for PC/laptop)

You can find the book on any Amazon site – here are three:




Don’t buy the paperback with the green cover, unless it is used. That is an earlier edition of the book which sold for approximately $20.