Why did I write another book about shyness when there are over 600 books about it published already? How could there be anything left to say?

Well, because shyness is almost never understood the way I understand it. From the day I entered kindergarten I was acutely aware of how different I was. In my novel  The Birdcatcher,  Chris Stone explains it this way:

I remembered my own first day at school, that morning in September, 1953, when I crouched in a corner of the school’s old brick walls, already instinctively protecting my back, waiting for the doors of the school to open. I remembered the yard full of children, the pushing, teasing, shouting and hitting that were going on all around me. Though I couldn’t have put it into words then, I felt like an alien child, an orphan from some far away star, inexplicably left behind on a strange and unfriendly planet. Only five years old, I was already contemplating what would be the central problem of my life.

Stone goes on to explain how, through life experience and reading, he developed a better understanding of other people and his shyness. I did too, especially when I was writing his story.

The deeper I got into understanding shyness, the more convinced I became that it’s natural in most shy people.

But, if it’s natural, then you shouldn’t be trying to get rid of it. If shyness is an intrinsic part of you, then you need to understand it, not escape it.

The Shyness Guide isn’t only about shyness though. It’s a new way of looking at the world, one that I will help you to see that this world is your world as much as anyone else’s.

3 thoughts on “Why did I write The Shyness Guide?

  1. Being a shy person, I have been trying to question myself for quite long. Happy to read to your post which has reactivated me in brainstorming mode yet again. Trying to grab hold of your book “The Shyness Guide” which is currently not available in Amazon in India

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    1. Thanks for telling me! I thought it was on every Amazon site. Let me see what I can do about it.

      Re shyness, yes with all the attention given to introversion, autism, etc, it has been neglected.


    2. PS – actually, it is there, but it was in hiding – or rather, they have hidden it. It used to be that if you requested a title Amazon would give it to you immediately, then offer other books. Now if there are other books that outrank yours [there are 600+ shyness/social anxiety books] they will come first – I get this even at Amazon.com where most of my sales currently are – I only found it at the bottom of p.3! Try this link:

      Please let me know if that works


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