AC WP RSCN4338 ENH2Yes, this is the new title of this site.

Though I’m still fond of ‘Shy Highway’, the title I’ve used since 2007, my interests obviously are too far-ranging.

Since I was a boy entering school, my view of the world around me has been different from that of anyone I’ve met. That wasn’t always positive. For some reason, having different ideas and a different perspective of things offends a lot of people. As a boy, I sometimes got into fights because of it.

When I became a young man entering workplaces, I quickly found that thinking outside the box was almost always unwelcome. I learned to keep my different view of the world to myself.

But in the fiction I’ve written since 1970, I continued my personal explorations. As the decades passed, and especially as I reached my 50s, the answers and the insights began to come faster.

The results are to be found in my books, and in the posts on this site.


PS – the photo of planet earth is here courtesy of NASA –






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