The aboveAC WP RSCN4338 ENH2 refers to a Feb 28/2018 “Best of BBC Future” post by Christine Ro.

After acknowledging that there has been a lot of research into the negative psychological effects of ‘social isolation’ (for example, the Royal College of General Practicioners in the UK say that research has found loneliness to have a risk level for premature death equal to diabetes), she reports:

For those of us who just prefer plenty of alone time, emerging research suggests some good news: There are upsides to being reclusive – for both our work lives and our emotional well-being.

In a nut-shell, she says these benefits are:

  • Improved creativity
  • Stronger inner focus
  • Loners are more likely to experience more ‘mental rest’ which can have the benefit of restoring a stressed/weary personality. “Being alone can activate a part of the brain that, paradoxically, strengthens the ability to have social bonds”.
  • “Introverts tend to have fewer but stronger friendships – which has been linked to greater happiness”.

As someone who has been a shy loner all his life, I can vouch for all of that. If you’re interested in this line of thinking, here is the full BBC post:


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