AC WP RSCN4338 ENH2Yes, after a prolonged delay that I won’t try to explain, I have finally got the ebook for sale on Amazon. This week, from Wed Oct 10 to Sunday Oct 14, you can download it FREE at any Amazon site (see below).

The Shyness Guide is not just a different look at shyness. It’s a different way of seeing the world.

If you’re shy and trying to cope with the social world, you have to do two things –  know yourself, and know that world well enough to understand what is going on in it.

That’s what The Shyness Guide is about. It’s the result of a lifetime of living shy in this confusing, hypocritical, often selfish, sometimes manic civilization we find ourselves in. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Here are some Amazon links to it:

PS – if you are looking at an Amazon page and you click the book cover to “look inside”, you may see a disappointing format with text across a wide page and a lot of blank space between sentences/paragraphs [which it did today on my laptop] – that is the HTML document (a format recommended by Kindle Unlimited) that I loaded on the Kindle Unlimited site. According to their preview app, it should appear as you want it on a phone, tablet or Kindle reader. When the 5 day free trial is over, I’m going to address that problem, but don’t let it discourage you from getting a free copy now.


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