Paranormal World | Is there an After-life?

The psychologist J. B. Rhine, famous for his decades of ESP research, once called the 'after-life' the Mount Everest of paranormal phenomena, a hill he would not attempt to climb. Probably for the same reason, I've avoided writing about it here. But now I'm going to face up to it. One problem is that the … Continue reading Paranormal World | Is there an After-life?

Rescuing Psychology |the Introvert/Extrovert misunderstanding

Let's look at this again. The way introvert/extrovert is understood today is very different from what psychologist C.G.Jung intended when he introduced those terms into psychology a century ago. He saw introversion and extroversion as just two possible aspects of everyone's character. In his book Psychological Types, he wrote this: There is a further fact … Continue reading Rescuing Psychology |the Introvert/Extrovert misunderstanding