Today I came upon a youtube video of a talk by “death researcher” Martha Atkins, that I found more compelling than most of these talks.

Around the world, all people in all cultures seem to report different versions of people being approached by deceased family members. But what about someone who doesn’t want to meet family? Atkins gives an example of a dying man who was afraid of meeting family because he had been severely abused when he was a boy. What happened? An unknown 7 year-old boy came to keep him company in his last days..

The problem so many people have is – how can this be? How can this fit with the science we know?

I like Martha Atkins answer to this. She apologizes to scientists, then says it just doesn’t matter. This is real in some way. Just because we don’t understand it, because we are unable to explain it, is no reason to turn our backs on it. This is the reality of the pragmatist. At some point I want to write much more about this, but if you’re interested, here is the youtube video:

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