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Though disbelievers still like to claim that there is no evidence for telepathy, there is a mountain of evidence for it.

The desire to reject it seems to arise from the view of some people that it’s an unwelcome remnant from our superstitious prehistoric past. We need, they say, to escape that past, not re-connect with it. They never seem to consider the possibility that telepathy is real and very old, that our distant ancestors may have known something that we have almost forgotten.

Psychologist C. G. Jung claimed there was no doubt about telepathy, and he said he was convinced of this because of its presence in dreams. In his 1960 essay General Aspects of Dream Psychology, he said:

Another dream-determinant that deserves mention is telepathy. It is, of course, very simple to deny its existence without examining the evidence, but that is an unscientific endeavour which is unworthy of notice. I have found by experience that telepathy does in fact influence dreams, as has been asserted since ancient times.

What does telepathy do in dreams? Jung says,

Usually in the literature of telepathic dreams only those are mentioned where a powerfully affective event is anticipated ‘telepathically’ in space or time, that is to say when the human importance of an event, such as a death, would help to explain the premonition of it or its perception at a distance ….. The telepathic dreams I have observed were mostly of this type.


A few of them, however, were distinguished by the remarkable fact that the manifest dream content contained a telepathic statement about something completely unimportant…..

He doesn’t say it, but there is a special kind of telepathic dream that routinely has this ‘unimportant’ characteristic – ‘shared’ dreams. I have been involved in many of these, and, if I had never had any other experience of it, they would have convinced me that telepathy is real.

Back in the 1980s I mentioned to my wife one morning that I’d had a dream in which I was walking down a road carrying a bird cage in each hand, with beautiful birds in each one.

“Oh!” she replied, startled, “I dreamt that I saw you walking down a road with a bird cage in your hand!”

That’s when I first became aware of these unusual dreams. But that doesn’t mean this was the first one that I’d had. Until then, I didn’t even know they existed. For all I knew, I may have had telepathic dreams every night of my life.

You may have too, without knowing it. Unless you happen to discuss the dream with someone who was ‘sharing’ it, you won’t know anything.

Notice, by the way, that in my wife’s dream I had only one cage in my hand. This lack of a perfect match is a characteristic of these dreams. It is a clue to something.

For example, once I dreamt of driving in a car with a brown rabbit on the seat beside me. The same night one of my daughters dreamt that she was riding in a car with several brown rabbits. But in her dream the car crashed into a tree, while there was no crash in mine.

That daughter and I would have a series of coincidental, same night, brown rabbit dreams over the next 2-3 years (two of them when she was living in New York and I was in Toronto), then they stopped.

Apparently shared dreams don’t have to be confined to two people. In his book Our Dreaming Mind, psychologist Robert Van de Castle tells of a troop of Russian soldiers camped in an abandoned abbey, who night after night, collectively dreamed of a big black threatening dog, frequently waking in terror and discussing their experiences with each other.

Just imagine if sometime in the future we all, or maybe only 5% of us, recorded our dreams each morning, then an AI program searched for connections and published them. I suspect there would be some big surprises. I hope I’m still here when it happens, for I’m sure this experiment will eventually be done. In fact, it could be done right now.

Going back to the widespread resistance to the recognition of telepathy, I think another reason for it is that most people simply haven’t experienced telepathy themselves – or they think they haven’t.

So, if you would like to experience telepathy in a convincing way, and if you’re on intimate and happy terms with anyone – siblings, parents, spouses, friends or lovers – try exchanging accounts of your dreams each morning. You may be surprised by what you find.

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