DSCN0322-Orph WW4Back on Jan 1, 2018 I put my little three page World War 4 story (Dawn of a New World on the White House Lawn) on this site as a free PDF, and I see that it has had almost no takers.

Hmmm …… can it really be that no one wants to know the outcome of that war?

During the late 50s/early 60s, the ‘vignette’ or ‘short short’ story was the rage in the SF magazines. I was stunned to discover what could be done in a couple of pages and I read every one I could find. Looking back on them now, I notice that they seem to be more memorable than other stories.

For example, there was the little story about professor so and so hosting a gala event one Saturday night when all the computers in the galaxy were to be connected. The switch is thrown, then he asks the new gigantic computer the big question – “is there a God?” The answer comes – “There is now.”

The professor rushes to pull the plug, but a bolt of lightning cuts him down.

I can’t remember name of the story, or its author – maybe Fritz Leiber, or Fredric Brown – but I will never forget that story.

In hope of bringing back the vignette, here is my new story again in its free PDF form:

Dawn New World – r3.




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