This little story was written in 1993, but given the financial fiasco that civilization got itself into in 2008, and hasn’t really got out of, with the giant problems of global warming, habitat destruction, over-population, and the need for some kind of global government still staring us in the face as we continue to quarrel over money and politics, I think it still has a lot to say.

I have included 2018 in its copyright only because today I partially changed the last line.

If you read it, keep in mind Joseph Conrad’s famous statement that, above all, he wanted to make readers “see”.

I have always been with Conrad in seeing the world that way, one reason that I’ve taken on his name. What you will ‘see’ in these 5 pages is, at least to me, just as important as what you will hear in the conversation between the three creatures on the Adirondack cabin deck.

DAIRY FARM 1993-2018

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