rscn4338When I had my previous website, The Loner’s Highway, it was accompanied by a secondary blog known as The Society for the Protection of Fictional Characters, or, in short, the  SPFC

I liked that name, and the acronym, but the acronym presented a problem. A web search found that SPFC includes:


  • São Paol FC, a football/soccer club in Brazil (
  • Smashing Pumpkins Fan Collaborative (
  • Society of Physiotherapists with Foreign Credentials (
  • Semen Padang FC , a football club in Sumatra (
  • South Pacific Financial (
  • Samar Pigeon Fanciers Club (I couldn’t find a website, but they show up on Facebook, Youtube, etc using the SPFC acronym)
  • St Peters Iver Football Club (
  • and still others who I apologize to for not mentioning them

So I decided not to compete with them. My SPFC is gone.

But the rescue of mistreated characters, books, and sometimes the authors (so many have been forgotten) is not something I can abandon, so I’m going to continue it here. This time it will be a category in my posts.

These will begin shortly.



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