rscn4338Last week I wrote about all the selfie photographers on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Yesterday I was browsing shelves in the library when I came upon something that gave me a bit of a shock – Kim Kardashian’s 444 page book Selfish.

It’s not a book about selfishness, not exactly. There is almost no text. What you get, page after page, are selfie photos of Kim taken around the world. So, for example, a chapter starts – ‘Here I am in Thailand’, and you look and you see Kim’s face, and something in the background that may give you a clue that this was in Thailand. Self-portrait photo after photo after photo. That’s it.

Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman, but after 20 pages or so, doesn’t that beauty wear out? Do we need 444 pages of her?

Can a book like that sell? To indie writers like me, who struggle to sell their books, that’s an interesting question.

A quick way to assess the success of books is to check their ranking on Amazon.  The ranking today, Feb 24, 2017, on is 26,606. That, in case you don’t know, is the rank of a bestseller (there are millions of titles for sale on Amazon).

Can anyone explain to me why such a book is a bestseller? Or tell me who is buying it? Can anyone convince me that the modern publishing industry hasn’t hit rock bottom?

I’m more bewildered by selfie-culture than ever.





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