Watch out for Narcissists and Sociopaths

(This was a post on my previous blog, Loner's Highway, where I presented narcissists as another type of loner. Because they're such problematic people, especially for shy people, I'm including them here.) According to The Everything Guide to Narcissistic Personality Disorder, by Cynthia Lechan Goodman, MEd, and Barbara Leff, LCSW, someone may have narcissistic personality … Continue reading Watch out for Narcissists and Sociopaths

The Dairy Farm |A Galactic bailout for Earth?

This little story was written in 1993, but given the financial fiasco that civilization got itself into in 2008, and hasn't really got out of, with the giant problems of global warming, habitat destruction, over-population, and the need for some kind of global government still staring us in the face as we continue to quarrel … Continue reading The Dairy Farm |A Galactic bailout for Earth?

Money vs the Truth |Resisting the new Religion

A few years ago I was involved in a mediation over someone’s long-term motor vehicle accident injuries. Besides the claimant and his lawyer, plus a defence lawyer and myself representing the accident benefit insurer, there was another lawyer representing the tort insurer with respect to the ‘pain and suffering’ claim against the responsible driver. This … Continue reading Money vs the Truth |Resisting the new Religion

Highly Sensitive Person – HSP

In my book The Shyness Guide, I warn readers against committing themselves unreservedly to a diagnosis they've received, or chosen for themselves. Because of forty years working as a personal injury claims adjuster, watching psychologists and psychiatrists aggressively disagree with each other, I've grown wary of psychological labels. But there is one diagnosis that I'm not sceptical … Continue reading Highly Sensitive Person – HSP