SG2 COVER 2Yes, this week The Shyness Guide is on sale in Britain.

When I published the first version of this book years ago – when this website was on Yahoo and I was using Google Adwords for advertising (with world-wide coverage) – I sold more copies in the UK than in the rest of the world put together.  Don’t ask me to explain that.

Now that Adwords doesn’t work for small independent writers (at least not for me), I am trying by other means to get back to British readers.

Shyness – when there are more than 600 books about shyness for sale on Amazon, you might wonder why I wrote another one. How could there be anything left to say?

Well, because none of those books depict shyness the way I do.

My central idea is that shyness is natural in most shy people. It’s part of who you are, so you shouldn’t try to suppress it.

When you insist on being your true self – when you accept your shyness and choose to be avoidant when it suits you – you become stronger, not weaker. You become more confident, not less.

My way of being shy works, and that’s why I wrote The Shyness Guide.

So it is on sale this week in the UK only. For some reason, Amazon don’t seem to allow a world-wide reduced price anymore, though I hope that will change. Here is the Amazon link:

For a more extensive sample of the book than you will find on Amazon:

SG2-CS 2017 – Excerpts – mobile

SG2 – PDF Excerpts – PC laptop

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