AC WP RSCN4338 ENH2Last night I woke up at 2am to the sound of the alarm on my wife’s oxygen machine announcing that it had just failed.

She can’t live without oxygen. I got up quickly, filled an emergency portable tank for her [liquid oxygen for those who know about such things], then spent half an hour trying to figure out what had gone wrong with the machine – unsuccessfully. I had to check periodically to see that the temporary tank hadn’t emptied, check on the volume it was providing, check on my wife, etc. I got little sleep.

So you might think I would be tired this morning. Instead, sitting in a local food court at 9am, my spirits were soaring. For this week I received the proof copy of the paperback version of the revised edition of my novel Skol. I re-read the first 4 chapters to make sure the fonts, paragraphing, pages were all correct, and I fell in love with the story again.

Yet this is a novel that has had almost no sales. According to the way most people think, I should be disappointed in it.

But no, that doesn’t seem to matter to me. A psychiatrist/psychologist might say this is autism at work. Maybe it’s just part of being a loner.

But here is the real reason – shy seventeen year-old Simon’s journey from the 23rd century galactic school in the Adirondacks down to empty decaying New York City and the Long Island coast, remains one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I lived that journey for several years, working through it over and over, and I never tired of it.

If you want to know why I think someone should write a novel when the world is inundated with novels, that’s it. Put 100% of yourself into it, write and revise until you have written it as well as you possibly can, and a novel becomes an experience you can’t find anywhere else, a shining star in your life. If no one buys it, that doesn’t change the experience you have had.

That’s why I remain devoted to Skol. In this version, Simon and his lost brother are now closer than ever because they are now farther apart than any two human beings have ever been – and that has made the book better than ever.

The ebook remains to be done, but today the paperback is now for sale on all Amazon sites, including these.

For any one who prefers an ebook, or just wants more of a sample than Amazon provides, here are the first 5 chapters as a FREE PDF:

Skol 2019 – 2nd ed – 5 chpts mobile

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