AC WP RSCN4338 ENH2Well, no it isn’t.

You may have seen the ebook advertised for $1.99 (US) on the Bargain Booksy site, but it remains at $3.99 (, and the equivalent in other currencies.

What happened? – Because of a minor change I made on the book’s detail page this week (in the book description I believe), Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing have taken the position that it was just published this week, and so does not qualify for a discount. I am trying to get the Bargain Booksy promotion cancelled. My apologies to everyone.

Until I can get this situation corrected, for those of you who have encountered this and have come here hoping for a solution, here is a free PDF (designed for mobile but easily adjusted for a laptop) of the complete book:

bc kdp cover - final 1 the birdcatcher kdp 2018 – mobile

PS – the above is the original 2006 cover, which I am still fond of. For some reason the current cover is not available


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