229 - Hardy Lk Dec'18
Hardy Lake Provincial Park – copyright Alan Conrad

Thinking this week about how my book Skol has had almost no sales, it occurred to me that I might turn that into something positive.

For since I first published the book, I have noticed a few things I would like to change. Why not go back and change them?

As soon as I had that thought – that I could go back and rejoin shy 17 year old Simon in his 5 month odyssey on wilderness Earth – Simon who has never been on a planet, walking alone in the Adirondack mountains, negotiating the deserted streets of New York,  meeting again the few robots that are the city’s only remaining inhabitants, seeing them again at work in their remarkable project. And I would be with Simon again during that long night in a dark room in a Long Island house overlooking the ocean, unexpectedly making love to a woman he cannot see, not knowing if she is human or a machine.

Given that prospect, what choice did I have?

So Skol is currently not available.

Ironically, there were a couple of Skol sales recently. For those readers, don’t worry, the story will not change.  But you will soon possess a rare copy of the book.

Once I’ve returned from this hopefully short trip to the 23rd century, the book will be republished and I’ll report that here.

In the meantime though, you can still read the first 6 chapters free:

Skol-6 Free Chapts – mobile

Skol-6 Free Chapt – PC laptop



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