AC WP RSCN4338 ENH2When I did a recent free release of the new Shyness Guide ebook recently, I discovered to my dismay that all versions of it – kindle, tablet and phone – had an excess of space between paragraphs. I apologize again to anyone who downloaded it that way.

This was my fault, not Kindle Direct Publishing whose software I use.

I have finally corrected this. The ebook now is as good as I can make it.  If you’re thinking of buying it, keep in mind that in December I’m going to do a promotion where the price ($3.99 at will be reduced to $1.99, or the equivalent in other jurisdictions.

You should find it on any Amazon site. The sample you get in Amazon’s “look inside” app still leaves a bit to be desired, but it looks good on devices.

This 2nd edition of The Shyness Guide really is a new book. I’ve devoted a lot of time to it because it is not just a different look at shyness, but a different view of the world, one that most shy people badly need.

If it were being marketed by a commercial publisher, I’m convinced that it could quickly find its way to the bestseller lists. But I am (apparently) too much of a loner to get connected with commercial publishers.

That means, to get it the recognition it deserves, it will depend on me – and my readers, the only helpers I have. So if you should read the book and like it, please accept my thanks for being part of this enterprise.

So you can decide whether you want to read it, here are PDF samples of the book:

Shy Guide- PDF Excerptsmobile

Shy Guide – PDF Excerpts  – PC/laptop

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