rscn4338A few years ago I was involved in a mediation over someone’s long-term motor vehicle accident injuries. Besides the claimant and his lawyer, plus a defence lawyer and myself representing the accident benefit insurer, there was another lawyer representing the tort insurer with respect to the ‘pain and suffering’ claim against the responsible driver.
This lawyer was a very attractive, very fit looking, keenly intelligent woman, maybe 35 years old, who had a disconcerting habit of treating everyone else as an inferior. She was an Amazon of the modern business world, and very conscious of it.

At one point my lawyer and I were meeting with her in a separate room, when I made some comment about the tangle of accumulated medical reports, how the doctors had obscured the medical issues rather than cast light on them. She replied scornfully that this was no mystery since, “All doctors care about now is money.”

The opinions expressed by the doctors meant nothing, since, she believed, they would say anything in return for the big fees they got. The truth regarding the injuries in discussion was not a factor. We were engaged in nothing more than a complex, heartless money game.

Now, when she said this to me, she was talking to someone who believes in the truth. Sometimes it’s hidden, sometimes it may be totally inaccessible to human understanding, but it is always there. The tree that falls in the forest falls whether anyone witnesses it or not.

This is what the Mexican poet/philosopher Octavio Paz called the ‘verdad verdadero’, the truth that is really true.

But to this lawyer, the only trees that fall are those that fall to become lumber and money. Like the doctors she scorns, she too only cares about money.

To people like her, nothing is true. In their world there are no gods unless we create them, as we did with Money. Money is not just the god of doctors and lawyers – to them it’s everyone’s god whether they like it or not.

I  think she’s wrong, but the number of people who have adopted this new religion seems to be growing exponentially.


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