RSCN4428 WSOn The Shyness Guide‘s landing page I’ve explained my credentials for writing that book.

But why did I feel it necessary to write such a book? After all, there are more than 600 books about Shyness (last time I checked). How could there be anything left to say?

Well, because shyness is almost never understood the way I understand it.

My understanding is instinctual. From the day I entered kindergarten, I was aware of how different I was. In my novel The Birdcatcher, Christopher Stone describes that experience:

I remembered again my own first day at school, that morning in September, 1953 when I crouched in a corner of the school’s old brick walls, already instinctively protecting my back, waiting for the doors of the school to open. I remembered the yard full of children, the pushing, teasing, shouting and hitting that were going on all around me. Though I couldn’t have put it into words then, I felt like an alien child, an orphan from some far away star inexplicably left behind on a strange and unfriendly planet. Only five years old, I was already contemplating what would be the central problem of my life.

Stone would go on to develop a deeper, better understanding of his shyness, culminating in a revelation about it near the end of The Birdcatcher.

My way of perceiving and and experiencing shyness is not to be found in any textbook. Though it may separate you from other people – in the sense that it increases your understanding of your difference from other people – it should increase your confidence and allow you to function better among those people.

My way of being shy works, and that’s why I wrote The Shyness Guide.


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