rscn4338Why do I call this site the Shy Highway?

Because social people don’t own the highway of life.

Unfortunately, many shy people don’t know that they can be as shy as they want to be and still go out in the world.

What I’m talking about isn’t just playing with words, but a real way of being in the world. It took me decades of travelling on the highways of life, sometimes stumbling, sometimes lost, sometimes crashing in spectacular fashion, to learn what I’ve learned.

I’ve put as much of it as possible in my three books.

In my novel, The Birdcatcher, 52 year-old Christopher Stone is a man who is confident in confrontations with other people, and able to negotiate society’s mazes, yet he remains independent, and socially avoidant.  If you’d like to see someone like that in action, you won’t find a better example in modern fiction than Chris Stone.

In my SF novel Skol, seventeen year-old Simon has lived his entire life on a small space-freighter with his father and one brother when he receives an unexpected invitation to go to a school for rich aristocratic boys on wilderness Earth, where he will be the first working-class student.

A 23rd century coming of age story, Skol takes place in the great age of AI and robots, in which the perspective of  intelligent machines confronts humanity’s historical perspective of itself. With the help of robots, Simon learns things about what it means to be a member of a shy solitary race that we haven’t learned yet.

Finally I wrote The Shyness Guide, now in a second expanded edition. As I’ve said elsewhere, this is not just a different view of shyness but a different view of the whole world, with advice for finding your place in it.

There you are, three books, each of which will take you on the Shy Highway, if you’re ready to go.

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